2016-2017 Church Services

We are so honored and blessed at the opportunity to share the sacred duty of delivering the gospel to your community. We understand and value the sanctity of your pulpit and approach it with the highest respect.  Our team does not have cookie cutter messages prepared for each church. We have very strict guidelines for our ministers and require our team to be in constant prayer and study. We do not deliver the same message twice. We believe that the gospel is alive and that  we are to be constantly reading the word, receiving new revelation and doing our best to understand what God want to say.


Sunday services, to us, is a training session for an army! The church is the key to the salvation of the world. We desire to deliver a challenging and encouraging message that will excite your community and show them how to reach their city, their family and even their workplace for the sake of Christ. We believe it is time for the church to go out and BE the revival in the world.


We want to empower every person in every seat to become the agent of change in the community and world! To become the Catalyst and to change the world around them in an effort to show the love of Jesus to a hurt and dying society.


Below is a message from Pastor Kevin at Crosspointe Church in San Diego.


Church Services


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