2016-2017 Conferences

The Catalyst Conference is a two day intensive designed to create not only better leaders but new leaders as well. This program will challenge how you view the world and more importantly how you see yourself. The goal is in the name (CATALYST) we believe that as sons and daughters of God we are to be the change the world is looking for. The moment you accepted Jesus into your heart should not be the only revelation you have ever had of his love, we believe that it is up to the ministers of the world to help the people recognize, accept and walk out their true identity.


"If we can just get the people of God to believe what the bible says about them, and believe the promises God has given them, then we will undoubtedly see the greatest move of God the world has ever seen. It's simple, when you know who you are, you are no longer influenced by anything holding a standard less than Gods."

Kevin Suter


Conference Schedule Explained

Saturday 12pm- Evangelism and Identity intensive session with Catalyst team


Saturday 2pm- Mobilize into the community around the church, go door to door and walk out the protocol put                                           Forth in the book of acts. Real time training and practices.


Saturday 7pm- Service 1 of our Catalyst Conference. A night of worship and powerful testimonies and messages to encourage and empower your church and community.


Sunday Services- All services Sunday will be the following sessions for the conference. Each and every service is geared toward shifting identity and shifting the culture in your church and community.



- This is the most affordable conference you will ever have. We only ask that you cover travel and housing. We will receive a love offering at each session and trust God to meet the ministries needs. We don't want finances to get in the way of God moving in a region. Lets get the small details out of the way and go after your city together!


We record every conference with video and audio. The worship audio will be returned to the church to give them the opportunity to create a worship album to raise funds for the church. We always want to give churches the opportunity to grow in a tangible way.

Catalyst Conferences


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