Senior Pastor & Director


Kevin Suter

Kevin is the senior director and founder of Catalyst Mobile Ministries.  After 10 years of full time evangelism Kevin has started to travel and speak at various conferences and business events. Kevin's main goal is to empower people to walk in their true identity, identify the God moments in their pasts mistakes and to re define failure as a positive God given stepping stone to successful leadership and development.


Kevin is passionate about pouring into the next generation and helping the youth to build a powerful foundation for their life. Kevin developed a FREE school assembly program called Ignite Assemblies. A program that focuses on character education, anti suicide and anti bullying programs for all schools. From Elementary to High School and even detention centers and prisons.


Kevin is currently working on his first book titled "Catalyst, The Battle Cry Of True Leadership" and focuses on training and developing identity and leadership. Its a book that will challenge and uplift you to a level you might have never reached before.

Kevin Suter

Founder, The Jericho Project, Ignite Assemblies & Catalyst Mobile


    Kevin Suter, born in Reno Nv to amazing parents Tina and Herb. Kevin grew up in the small mountain town of Truckee California. Kevin and his two sisters Heather and Arika were raised to be tough, vigilant and overall, respectful people. Kevin grew up passionately pursuing football and competing in various sports and activities. Kevin's father moved him to Reno Nevada to play football for a more recognized team, in hopes to gain the eyes of college coaches. Kevin went on to walk onto the University Of Nevada Reno and eventually transferred to the University Of Nevada Las Vegas. He played college football for two years.


    Kevin was raised in church and taught how to pray and believe at a very young age. but it wasn't until Kevin was in Las Vegas that he had a true encounter with God and dedicated his life to ministry and the call of evangelism. After this revelation and encounter Kevin has never looked back. Marrying his wife Megan in 2005 and then traveling as a full time evangelist. Kevin and Megan have two children, Dakota 10, and Hezekiah 8.

  • Ministry Experience

    Youth Leader

    - International Church Of Las Vegas under Pastor Mark Zwiefel


    The Strength Team

    - Kevin traveled as a full time minister and evangelist with the team in 2005 for over three years


    Family & Ministry Development

    - Kevin and Megan took two years to strengthen and build their marriage and family as their first ministry and to develop the ministry God was calling them to.


    Ignite Assemblies

    - Kevin and Megan created Ignite Assemblies. A School program presented for free for all schools. A strong character education program challenging students of every age to be the best they can be and to chase their dreams.


    The Jericho Project

    - Kevin and Megan started The Jericho Project in 2011 and have been blessed to minister nationwide ever since. the Jericho project is the evangelism tool out of Catalyst Mobile.


    Catalyst Mobile

    - Kevin and Megan started Catalyst Mobile and the Catalyst Conferences in 2016 in an effort to begin training and empowering church staff and volunteers.


    Leader - ICLV youth group

    Evangelist - The Strength Team

    Founder, CEO - The Jericho Project

    Founder - Ignite Assemblies

    Senior Pastor & Director - Catalyst Mobile and its ministries

Kevin Suter