Megan Suter

Megan is the co-founder and co-director of Catalyst Mobile and the Administrator for all of the ministries within. Megan has a passion to empower women to overcome societies expectations and to help them to believe in who Gad has made them to be, Fierce, beautiful and able to overcome any obstacle.


Megan has worked with and developed leaders in children's ministry for years. Her attention to detail and need set hear apart from most women in this area. She has a true love for children and gives selflessly to try and pull out every ounce of greatness in every child's life.


Megan's heart is to walk families through restoration and to find creative ways to help the hurt, dirty and dying in her local area.

Megan Suter

Co-Director, Catalyst Mobile & The Jericho Project


    Megan Hale was born in Las Vegas Nevada where she was raised by her single mother for most of her life with her sister Stephanie. Megan's mother Cathy is one of the hardest working women you could find and has embedded a relentless work ethic into Megan and her sister.  Megan and Stephanie had to grow up fast and learn to fend for themselves as in most single family homes.


    Megan went through High School with straight A's and as an honor student. Her Senior year she started to veer off the path, getting into substance abuse and dangerous relationships. Megan was eventually invited to church by a cousin who was visiting and Megan had an encounter at ICLV in Las Vegas. Not able to overcome every obstacle on her own, Megan moved out of her house and into the home of a family from the church. She stayed there for a few years as she grew into the person she is today.


    Megan started volunteering at the church and eventually applied to become the administrative assistant for the youth pastor. She held that position for over two years. That is where Megan started to develop her love and passion to help young women. Her desire to help them find who they are and to help them walk out a productive lifestyle and avoid the traps of the world.


    Megan met Kevin while she was working for their youth pastor and they were married in 2005. Megan has been the support system for Kevin and his ministry for almost 11 years and has been the backbone of their ministries.


    Megan helped develop The Jericho Project and Catalyst Mobile. After co-founding The Jericho Project Megan started working at ICLV again as the early childhood development director where she was over hundreds of students and over twenty volunteers.


    Youth Administrator & Leader

    - ICLV in Las Vegas, Megan was the lead admin and one of the youth leaders for the young women.


    The Jericho Project

    - Megan co-founded and designed The Jericho project


    Early Childhood Development Director

    - ICLV in Las Vegas, Megan led hundreds of students and over twenty leaders as the director of this massive ministry


    Catalyst Mobile

    - Co-founded Catalyst Mobile and the Catalyst Conference


    Administrator - ICLV youth group

    Co-Founder- The Jericho Project

    Co-Founder - Ignite Assemblies

    Director - Early childhood development, ICLV children's ministry

    Senior Pastor & Co-Director - Catalyst Mobile

Megan Suter