Kevin met Megan at church in Las Vegas, Nv. Kevin was a college football player searching for answers and Megan was the youth pastors secretary. After a radical encounter on a Sunday morning Kevin slowly started to volunteer in the youth community. His leader and pastor Mark Zweifel (Still a mentor to this day) challenged Kevin to become a better man, son, leader and person overall. Kevin was trained with the highest standards and structure of a mega church that was and still is on the cutting edge.


Kevin only spoke to Megan a few times and one night at a worship service Kevin saw Megan out of the corner of his eye on her knees and worshiping, with tears in her eyes and her hands lifted high he started to fall in love with the passion and person that Megan was. After a few months of pursuing Kevin finally asked Megan out. Come to find out Megan had made a two year celibacy promise to God. She refused to date or even go out to coffee with anyone, believing that God was preparing her husband for her. Kevin asked Megan out not even two weeks after her promise had come to an end. They were engaged and married the same year. Their first child Dakota was born one day after their one year anniversary.


In 2005 at a gospel rock festival in Great Falls Montana, Kevin Suter was given the opportunity to travel with The Strength Team ministry and evangelize. The event was a typical feat of strength event, loud music and a lot of broken bricks, bent steel bars, snapped baseball bats and even fire covered ice blocks. It was an amazing event where thousands gathered to worship. Kevin was not so happy with the thought of "breaking bricks for Jesus" and actually resigned before the final event was performed. During the last portion of the event Kevin was asked to share his testimony so at least he would have the experience. So at the end of the event Kevin was able to get up and share about his life, his past and how God radically changed his life. He finished his presentation with a call to salvation and as hundreds raised their hands to receive Jesus for the first time something shifted in his heart. Keven went home and discussed the ministry with his wife Megan and the rest as they say, is history. Kevin has been in full time ministry ever since that day. In 2008 their second child Hezekiah was born.


Kevin spent over three years with the Strength Team before moving back to Las Vegas and developing The Jericho Project, a strength ministry that would carry on the legacy of all those before. Kevin started at his home church at ICLV in Las Vegas and in the very first event there was over 300 first time salvations and The Jericho Project was born! The goal is in the name, go throughout a city to invite and encourage everyone to come to one location, release the sound of the un-compromised gospel and watch the walls of peoples lives come crashing down. The ministry has seen tens of thousands of salvations and has traveled to 47 states and three countries.


The ministry grew into Catalyst Mobile a short time ago. The change came as Kevin & Megan were asked to speak at conferences more often and even planted a church that is still operating. The ministry has three main branches, The Jericho Project, Catalyst Conferences and Kevin & Megan's personal ministry. Its amazing to look back and see all of the success and failure that led up to this amazing time. Our main focus is to see one person at every event have a real and powerful encounter with God. Obviously we want to see much more than that, but we believe that God has called us to search for the one! Isn't that what he did for us?

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