2016-2017 Outreach

Below is the lay out of a Jericho Project weekend and outreach. This event in its totality is one of the best growth and development events you can have. Please have a look at all of the details and know that they are for the most part customizable. We are open to events from a single day to multiple days. We want to meet your needs as a church and community.



- You will receive promotion materials to play and hand out for 5 weeks before our team arrives. You will be given a video to play every Sunday and at every mid week service as well. You will receive social media videos and flyer's to print to meet your needs.


Saturday Sessions

- We will have two sessions on Saturday. One will be in the morning for your key team leaders and volunteers. This session is to train and equip your team with the follow up curriculum and tools we have developed to assist in the follow up procedures to follow our outreach event.

- Saturday after noon we have our second session. This is an evangelism training and mobilizing session. We train and equip everyone who wants to learn how to evangelize in a relevant and fruitful way. We then mobilize with the people who are at the session into the city and show them how to reach the lost. This is a labor of love and an opportunity to create new leaders in your community.


Outreach Event Schedule

- Saturday night from 7-9 we have our official outreach event. The schedule is below.

7pm- Doors open

7:15pm- Opening Video begins

7:20pm- Brick breaking and full multi media event

8:00pm- Gospel presentation and altar call

8:30pm- Ministry time with team that was trained earlier in the day

9pm- Close and dismiss


Sunday Services

- our team will deliver the message for each of your services and celebrate the outreach the night before. Our main focus on Sunday morning is equipping and igniting the hearts of your people to go and reach your city.


Sunday Night

- We have had many requests to have another outreach on Sunday night as a close to the weekend. This seems to be the most populated event after Saturday and Sunday morning tend to light a fire in the church and everyone gets excited about outreach. This is optional but highly recommended. This event would follow the Outreach Event Schedule as above but would be a different program from the night before.



- The one thing that always causes issues is the finances so I figured we should address it here and now. Our needs are very simple and might not be what you think.


-We ask that the church cover our travel and housing (we are not apposed to staying in host homes, just keep in mind that we travel most weekends of the year and ask for a peaceful place to make our home for the weekend)


- We ask that the church cover the cost of the materials for the event. This is where most people get nervous. This is not the 10 thousand dollar event of the 80's and 90's. We have been blessed to have a nationwide relationship with home depot and we get prices you cant imagine. For the picture at the top of the screen (Which is our largest event) the price for materials was under $250. And thats a huge event! We know finances are not free flowing and we will work with any budget you have.


- At each of the night programs and Sunday morning we ask that we be able to receive a free will love offering. This is how we make our budget from week to week. If you would rather give an honorarium we will provide you with an exact detailed itemized budget.


- A typical event will cost between 500-1000 dollars including flights and materials and will go up from there depending on how many nights we do outreach and where the team travels into. (cheaper to fly into San Diego than Bakersfield for example)

Outreach Re-Defined

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